20 lakh crore economic package announced, lockdown 4 to be announced before May 18

20 lakh crore economic package announced, lockdown 4 to be announced before May 18

Addressing the nation today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced an economic package of Rs 20 lakh crore to bring the country out of the crisis.  He also said that information on Lockdown 4 would be released before May 18.  "It is our responsibility to have the 21st century for India," PM Modi said in his address.  Self-reliant India is the only way.  India has turned disaster into opportunity.  We need a self-reliant India.  130 crore Indians should resolve together to make India self-reliant

Important points of PM Modi's address

PM Modi announces Rs 20 lakh crore economic package to bring country out of crisis
 Special arrangements for cottage, housing, small and medium enterprises in 20 lakh crore economic package: PM Modi
 From tomorrow, Finance Minister will allocate economic package for various industries under Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan: PM Modi
 20 lakh crore economic package focuses on land, labor, liquidity and losses: PM Modi
 The Corona crisis is so big that big systems have been shaken: PM Modi
 Lockdown 4 will be announced before May 18.  This new lockdown will be with new look and new relaxation

What will be in the Rs 20 lakh crore economic package?

Emphasis on Land, Labor, Liquidity and Law in Economic Package Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that in order to achieve the vision of a self-reliant India, emphasis has been laid on Land, Labor, Liquidity and Law.  This economic package is for our cottage industry, housing industry, our small-scale industry, our MSME

The economic package will give a new direction to the country's development journey

PM Modi said that through all this, various sections of the country, those connected with the economy, will get strength of Rs 20 lakh crore, will get help.  The Rs 20 lakh crore package will give a new impetus to the country's self-reliant India campaign in 2020.

5 pillars of self-reliance

With a resolve to make India self-reliant, PM Modi said that five pillars are needed to become self-reliant.

 1. Economy: A system that gives a quantum jump.
 2. Infrastructural facility, which becomes the identity of modern India.
 3. The system, which is the technology driven by the dreams of the 21st century.
 4. Indian democracy, which is the largest in the world.
 5. Demand, announcement of special economic package to coordinate with supply, which will work on the needs of a self-sufficient India.

Must be a local vocalist

Explaining the importance of local market, PM Modi said that the importance of local market, local supply chain, local products has been realized in the crisis of Koro.  The local is saving us so the local should be our life mantra.  What is global today was local at every single stage.  But it has become global by winning the trust of the people.  So we have to be the vocal of the local.

Can give a lot for the welfare of mankind

India Today, Indian medicines are reaching the world with new hope.  Today, India is being praised all over the world, every Indian is proud.  The world is believing that India can do a lot better.  Can give a lot for the welfare of the human race.

India set an example by becoming self-reliant

PM Modi said that not a single PPE kit was made in India when the Corona crisis started.  N-95 masks were just a name in India.  Today the situation is such that 2 lakh PPE and 2 lakh N-95 masks are being made every day in India.  As a nation today we stand at a very important stage.  Such a great tragedy has brought a signal, a message, an opportunity for India.  When we look at these two periods from India's point of view, it seems that the 21st century belongs to India, it is not our dream, it is the responsibility of all of us.

Chief ministers of many states had demanded to increase the lockdown

The third phase of the lockdown is coming to an end on the 17th.  PM Modi on Monday discussed the Corona and Lockdown with all the Chief Ministers of the country by video conference.  Meanwhile, the chief ministers of several states had made representations to increase the lockdown.  The chief ministers of Telangana, Bihar, Assam, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and West Bengal have demanded PM Modi to increase the lockdown.

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