Wahali Dikari Scheme 2020 Gujarat

Wahali Dikari Scheme 2020 Gujarat
The beloved daughter-in-law has been introduced by the state government of Gujarat in favor of reforming the girls' birth ratio. The beneficiary will get financial assistance in three phases in the Daughter Scheme 2019. The government will soon invite the beloved Dikri Yojana application form on the official website. In the budget of the state, Rs. 133 crore has been approved. Today in this article we are going to discuss Gujarat Dairy Daughter Scheme registration process, eligibility, user guide and important dates.

Purpose of Dear Dikri Yojana 2019

The Gujarat government has announced the launch of the Dahli Dikri Yojana (Dear Daughter Yojana) 2019 to improve the ratio of births, increase the number of girls' education, protect the future of girls and promote childbirth. Under the scheme, the government will pay three times the financial support of the girls' parents. Under the Daughter Scheme, incentives will be given to the first and second daughters of the family. The beloved daughter-in-law will definitely prevent female feticide, promote girls 'education and provide a significant amount of funding for higher education and girls' marriage.

Assistance in Gujarat threshold decree scheme

transferred under the Dikri Dikri scheme assistance
Enrollment in the Class I Early Intervention portion is Rs. There are 4,000
Registration for late intervention in Class 9 is Rs. There are 6,000
18 years of marriage or higher education Rs. There are 100,000

Silent Features of Gujarat Wahali Decree Scheme

nded scheme.
A total of Rs. 1,10,000 will be provided to the beneficiary.
The application form for this scheme will be accepted through online and offline mode.
The amount will be transferred through direct bank transfer.

Vahali dikri yojna application form

The Gujarat government has now introduced the Wally Daughter Scheme following the Betty Bachao Betty Padha Yojana.
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