I Khedut Apply Online For Pashupalanv

I Khedut Apply Online For Pashupalanv

A typical cattle owner in our country is a small farmer who owns one or two cattle. Farmers raise cattle as part of a mixed farming system of crop and livestock production. Regular livestock income generated through the sale of milk is used to supplement seasonal farming income. Small farmers produce about half of the income from livestock and the value of the cattle represents a substantial percentage of the farmer's wealth, the death of cattle carries a high risk and affects the net worth and income of the farmer. To protect the farmers from this loss, IFFCO Tokyo has prepared a unique animal insurance policy "Pashu Dhan Insurance Scheme".

The Animal Money Insurance Scheme is designed to provide insurance cover to indigenous and foreign cattle owned by individuals, various financial institutions, dairy farms, cooperatives and cooperative dairies etc.

Selection of animals and beneficiaries included in the scheme

Domestic / hybrid dairy cattle and buffalo will come under the purview of the scheme. Milk cattle / buffalo will include milch and non-millers, as well as pregnant cattle who have given birth to a calf at least once.

Cattle that are covered under any other insurance scheme or scheme will not be included in this scheme.

The benefit of grant is limited to 2 animals per beneficiary and one animal is insured for a maximum period of 3 years.

Farmers will be encouraged to take a three-year policy, which can be cheap and useful in getting real benefits of insurance in case of natural calamities like flood and drought. However, if a farmer wants to take a policy for less than three years, he will be given that and he will be provided a grant on the premium if the same cattle are re-insured when the scheme is implemented next year.

Apply Online For Pashupalan Yojana

Animal Husbandry Department will give a grant to the cattle rearers on the premium amount of insurance. Insurance of buffalo to SC, ST BPL class cattle, including premium of Rs 413 in which insurance of 50 thousand. The cow will have insurance of 40 thousand on the premium amount of 330. This includes 70 percent discount. General category cattlemen will get 50 percent discount on the premium amount of the insurance. These cattle herders will have to deposit Rs 550 for cow's insurance, Rs 688 for buffalo's insurance. Under the scheme, indigenous, cross-breed milking animals such as cow, buffalo, camel bearing weed, horse, donkey, bull, pada and other cattle goat, sheep will be insured at a subsidized premium rate. On getting the sheep insured, the department will provide 80 percent grant to SC, ST and BPL cattle rearers and 70 percent subsidy to general category cattle rearers. 100% insurance benefit will be given on death of the insured animal due to disease or accident. For subsidized insurance, the cost of milch cow will be 40 thousand, buffalo 50 thousand weight animal (camel, horse, donkey, bull, pada) will be maximum 50 thousand rupees. The insurance scheme will ensure transparency by ensuring identification of animals by tag.

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