Jio Browser:Fast & Secure Indian Web Browser 2020

UC Browser is a Chinese mobile browser run by UC Web, a company owned by tech giant Alibaba which acquired the firm in June 2014. The company’s revenue, reported at $571 million dollars in 2017, will likely be impacted by the ban given that India is a key market for the company.
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UC Browser has just been banned in India due to concerns about the security of user data. The super-popular Chinese web browser gained notoriety for its fast page-loading speeds, lightweight nature, and (crucially for Indian users) a Cricket Card Feature. But it is now out of the picture in India, leaving users looking for UC Browser alternatives.

Pavel Naiya, a senior analyst with analyst firm Counterpoint Technology Market Research, said as many as 100 million smartphone users had UC browser installed on their mobile devices before the ban, according to the firm’s estimates.

In this article, we will list top 3 non-chinese alternatives of UC Browser which constantly add new features and are very safe options as compared to Chinese app browsers. So without further ado, here are the apps you should know the best alternatives available in India.

Key features
•Quick links for the top search websites
•Quick Share
•QR Code Scanner
•Print/Save as PDF
•Offline Pages
•Manage downloads and history
•Desktop experience enabled.
•Incognito mode browsing (Private Browser)
•Memory and Battery saver.
•Voice search
•Force zoom
•Exit Popup
•Multiple search engine
•In-app updates
•Dark theme
•Secure Incognito mode
•User Feedback
•Scheduled Downloads
•Quick links Add, Edit & Delete
•Fast and easy to browse
•Lightweight Browser
•Regional language support
•Latest News and Videos
•Live Cricket score updates

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